My god, having this blog has erupted some sort of verbal diarrhea from within me. All of my life I have watched and listened to those around me,all of them and their continuous never-ending lingual egresses. Always thinking, “how can anyone have so much to say about absolutely nothing” It occurred to me today that this is one way. I have these pent up thoughts and emotions. I was raised to not show emotion. It’s weakness. Or as I found, emotions are really just very annoying to dads, bf’s, men in general. You can’t super glue an emotion and fix it. Excuse me as I ramble, BUT, it hits me that this is likely the very reason men enjoy pornography so readily. Zero emotion. Could be the reason it is usually far less enjoyed by women. Do we see in the actresses the exact stuffing down of emotion many of us women were taught, as a survival method? It’s a thought I suppose. All of these are thoughts circling my brain. All of the time. 


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