I have a confession…I’m bipolar… and have major anxiety.   and also ADD. and ptsd 

Yes, those are all very real diagnosis for me. I know what you’re thinking “clearly this is the reason for the over sexualized behavior” but these are diagnosis I have lived with for over 10 years, and although it is often a symptom of bipolar, it has never been a symptom of mine. Quite opposite has been true for me. I’ve kept myself mostly closed off sexually all of my life. Being raised Christian, a huge amount of guilt was instilled in me, surrounding all things sexual. I was a prude. Even as a stripper, I never made much money, because I believe I had a difficult time faking the enjoyment of simulated sexual arousment. It’s hard to fake sexy, when you have no clue what the hell sexy even is nor what it would look or feel like. Because of my past un-sexual behavior, I have a difficult time believing that these mental disabilities are the reason behind the very strong urge I have to perform sexual acts live on Webcam. I’ve never had the want before. Not to say I’ve never taken nude pics. But when I did, I definitely did not want to. Don’t worry, I was an adult and not forced. Just pressured. Now when i take a nude, I’m immediately turned on. The kinkier, the better. Is it possible that at age 36 I actually have reached a sexual peak and I’m just ready to experience sex at a very intense level, in an attempt to sexually “catch up”


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