Haven’t taken my meds yet

I realized after my last post that although I described in short what happened during the shoot, I didn’t describe how it felt while doing it. That’s the point of this, right now anyway. My points change often. I hope there is someone out there who is able to keep up in my random. 

When the shoot started, I was super turned on at first. Kam and I had done short recordings of stuff like this, just for ourselves, with no intention of ever posting it anywhere. Then when the sex began, I did get much more aroused knowing his go pro was seeing everything he’s seeing. All of the raw bits. I like it a lot. So did he, that part didn’t last long. He finished a little quickly. That part was disappointing, but I didn’t dare tell him. That would be super hurtful, plus it was his first time experiencing the lights, several cams, and me in all of my stripper glory. It was more than likely a bit overwhelming to him. But he says he enjoyed his orgasm more than he’s ever enjoyed one before. He’s getting there. 

It’s been running through my head,why wasn’t I as excited as I thought I would be? I’ve concluded its because I want to do live Cam. Much more that I want to record and post. The fact that anything can happen entices me to no end.

During the shoot yesterday, I ended up removing my mask. I left the wig on, but I just couldn’t be comfortable in the mask. I think the think that sets my site apart from someone else’s is rare from what I can see, many girls don’t want to be on campus at all. I actually do. I think that shows, but with questions mask you can’t see my eyes. I want to share these emotions, and the best way is with my eyes. I like my face. Now, at 36 more than I ever have. I feel beautiful. I feel sexy. I want to show it off now, I spent too much time hiding myself in my younger years. I next to break out. The mask was a hindrance. The wig may go too. Who knows.

Some might wonder, what about people recognizing me? The site I work with,allows users to block entire areas of users, including states and countries. I’ve blocked any I’ve ever been associated with, especially my home state. I know this doesn’t guarantee a thing, it’s the internet after all, but I figure if someone comes across one of my boss or pics, they were looking for such material. They’d have no room to judge,lol.it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me. 


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