So, we did it! We shot our first pornographic video. He had a go pro, we had our web Cam on, and we had out Nikon shooting another angle. I took my time with the set up. Put curtains all around so you can’t see anything personal in our room where we record. I set all kinds of lights up. I’d read that lighting is super important. I mean it was all super ghetto. Just old lamps, wins some color changing led lights. Once thru was set up, I got myself ready. I wore a wig and mask to hide my identity. I have a particular tattoo that is very personal that I too cover up. And so the shoot begins… I have kam take some stills of me, before we start. Then we record ourselves while we smoke dab (weed concentrate). I haven’t mentioned it before that both kam and I very much enjoy smoking flowers and dab. It helps calm so many symptoms, that year’s before I was taking too man prescribed drugs to even count. Now in down to 2 meds at night and one in the morning. I don’t feel like a zombie. The weight gain i had from some previous meds is slowly going away. I’d rather self medicate with weed than put thousands of more man made chemicals in my body than is absolutely necessary for my self. Now in not saying anyone should stop the meds and pick up a bong. Like I said, I DO still take my meds. I’m just able to take less types and at lower doses. 

Sorry for the rant, and please know I live in a state where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use. Don’t go breaking laws people. 

Back to the video, after we smoked, I gave him head, while he record. It went from there. It lasted maybe 20 mins, with camera adjustments, set adjustments and prop adjustments. He finished. I didn’t. So I continued on by myself while recording. Then that was that. Now I’ve got of bunch of editing to do. The real work. See I don’t want to put crap out there. I can’t help all my loose jiggles, nor his belly but I’d liked to create a well made product. That being said, I have ZERO clue as to what in doing when it comes to editing. I’ve got a bunch of learning to do. 


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